Saturday, May 18, 2013

Naki Jandals

Son's Naki Jandals.... Go Naki!

Billy T joke: A Maori guy is strutting about in the pub with only one jandal on. A guy looks about the pub for the other jandal, doesn't find it, goes up to him and says 'Oh mate - you lost a jandal? Maori replies proudly ' Nah Bro - I just FOUND one.'

Hahahaha....cracks me up


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Maori Numbers Colouring Pages Index

'Bout time we had one of these methinks...

Practice numbers letters in English and Maori

Maori Numbers Colouring Pages Index

  1. One - Tahi
  2. Two - Rua
  3. Three - Toru
  4. Four - Whá
  5. Five - Rima
  6. Six - Ono
  7. Seven - Whitu
  8. Eight - Waru
  9. Nine - Iwa
  10. Ten - Tekau

    One Lonely Kakapo: A New Zealand Counting Book

    Rubber Stamp Seals

    Shout Out: Thanks to Karen who let me know a link to one of the Number Colouring Pages was broken.

    Rubber Stamp Seals for those journals/ scrap albums ....awww anything really :)

    Rubber Stamp Seals (Red Text)

    Just cut and glue

    Rubber Stamp Seals


    Tuesday, May 14, 2013

    Backpacks and Sharpies

    These backpacks were $4 at The Warehouse at a 'back to school' sale. My mate was going back to school to learn Maori so I thought I'd give her something to take her lunch in. (Lunch boxes ain't big enough lol)

    Armed myself with a Black Sharpie and got practicing  Koru Art Lessons

    Started on the top, front, top of  pocket, front of pocket...

    ...then the shoulder straps...

    ...  = a lunch box to be jealous of.

    Of course I made one for myself (selfish thing that I am) and took it as hand luggage on the plane when I went to Oz (no I didn't have my lunch in it). Got lots of friendly 'hello's from Kiwis while over there....nice!